Frequently asked questions

How do I plant my new iris rhizomes?

Dig a fairly wide and deep hole. Make a mound of conical earth on which you put the rhizome, spreading the roots out. Cover the roots. It is important that the rhizome is left flush with the soil surface. It should not be planted in a bowl ( risk of decay ), also, you should anticipate that the soil will settle and the iris will sink a few centimetres. In clay or wet soil, the rhizome could even be left raised on a slight mound.To adhere the soil to the roots, the soil should be abundantly watered after planting..

How often should I water my iris?

Water every day for the first few weeks until they have taken, then only in case of severe drought. Rainfall should be sufficient water for most iris. Too much water is not good for your rhizomes as this will cause root to set in, and you could lose your plants.

Where should I plant my rhizomes?

If you have a sunny, warm and rather dry location in summer, this is the ideal location for planting bearded irises. In the shade, the garden irises will grow leaves but will not necessarily flower. Bearded irises are grown in France in all regions. they are very hardy, and do not need winter protection.

When can I divide my iris rhizomes?

You should plan to divide your irises every 4 years or so, or every 3 years for the miniatures. In fact the initial rhizome forms a clump which becomes too dense. Flowering then decreases. Also, we replant the irises to divide the clumps and give them new soil. Just lift the clump of rhizomes and then gently tease them apart. Cut the top foliage down, and cut the roots off by half. You can now replant them.

When should I plant my iris rhizomes?

The main time to plant your iris is from late June to mid October for bearded irises, but really any time is good as long as there is no frost in the forecast. The rhizomes thus have time to grow sufficiently before uprooting, then to make their new roots before winter. Rhizomes should be planted when purchased, for best results.

What spacing should I give my iris plants?

Irises grow quickly and require space to develop and flower well. They are planted with a spacing adapted to the size and vigour of the variety: about 35-50 cm for tall bearded iris, so 6 -10 plants per square meter, and about 22-30 cm for miniature iris. In a monochrome plantation plant the rhizomes in staggered rows. To make a mixture of colours, it is advisable for the overall aesthetics of the iris border to plant them in groups of several plants of the same variety. You should always take into account the direction of growth of the rhizomes by arranging them in star patterns, buds and leaves turned towards the outside, and by spacing them well from other varieties so that they have room to develop.